Drinking water purification systems

The quality of water we drink, is equivalent to quality of life that we choose!!!

  • When we consume water, our body becomes a living filter and removes large amounts of contaminants and micro-organisms. The rest of the micro-organisms that remain are either absorbed or deposited on our tissues and organs. Over time, this effects our bodies negatively and weakens our immune system. Nutritionists recommend that along with a balanced diet, we should drink 8 to 10 glasses of water a day. Fruits and vegetables must be washed with filtered water before consumption. People should consider using a filter for their bath. When bathing large amount of chlorine penetrates the body through the skin pores. One of the greatest livelihood secrets of the super-eternal populations of the planet is the clean, natural waters. .

ÖKO Original

  • ÖKO combines water filtrating technology originally designed for use from NASA ISS (International Space Station) with a stylish bottle design made of 100% FDA compatible materials. These bottles combine unique filtration lightness, flexibility and can offer the highest quality water from countless water sources from more than 140 countries. With a capacity of 100 gallons, the ÖKO level-2 filter (included in each bottle) has been tested to remove 99.9999% giardia lamblia & cryptosporidium, two of the most common infectious substances found in open water worldwide. ÖKO bottles can also be used with other filtration systems (sold separately)..

Upper-stage two-stage filters

Functionally and easily installed, the Hot Rolled Up Hot Water Filters are a complete domestic water filtration system for installation on the kitchen counter. It is watertight directly from the domestic faucet through a special adapter that adapts easily to most home kitchen faucets.

Filters Reverse Osmosis (RO)

Reverse Osmosis is the most modern method of water purification. It is a cleaning system that ensures clean running water for domestic and professional use. The water produced by the Reverse Osmosis System is light and easy to drink. Active carbon and sediment filters and the TFC membrane remove more than 98% of organic chemicals and pollutants from water. The filtration system with or without storage tank is usually installed under the sink. This system can provide clean drinking water and is indicated in areas with high salt concentration.


Central filters for housing - buildings - drilling

Essential in every home and building, 1 to 3-stage Central Filtering Filters are designed to filter the water of your entire home. They are usually equipped with solids filters for the removal of soil, rust, sand and activated charcoal filters for basic dechlorination of water. The installation of the home filter is very simple - it is usually placed near the meter.

Downstairs filters with multiple stages

Lower Bench Filters are powerful filtration systems that offer many parameterization and expansion capabilities. Those filters can combine spare filters from different manufacturers to achieve the best result. The filter system is placed under the sink for more convenience uses.


Hot water and coolers with a filter system for direct connection to the water network

Table water and floor water coolers offer cold or hot water of high quality including a powerful filtration system. They are placed directly into the supply without the use of a bottle. Ideal solution for homes and office spaces.

Power supply AC 220 V - 240 V / 50 Hz, 60 Hz
Cooling system 4 °C-10 °C
Compression 1/16 HP
Cooling performance 2 litres/hour
Consumption 90 W
Freon R134a
Hot water system 80 °C-90 °C
Hot performance 5 litres/hour
Protection Bimetal thermostat
Consumption 500 W

Replacement prefilters of various types

It is very important to buy the appropriate replacement filters but also to select those with specifications and international quality certificates. Maintenance and change of filters is necessary once or twice a year.


Household descaling system

Extremely efficient replacement system with polyphosphate enrichment to protect against salt deposits. It gives drinking water and does not add sodium, just like all traditional sodium ion sweeteners (with salt). Product description: Exceptional salt control system with added Siliphos ™ for home use. It enriches hard water with a patented mixture of polyphosphates and silicates (found in many foods of high nutritional value) that "trap" the metallic molecules and in this natural way it prevents them from plumbing in the hydraulic networks. Replaces desiccants deservingly with minimal cost and, unlike known ion exchange systems, gives purely drinking water. The mechanical feeder enriches with siliphos ™ polyphosphates the water when it enters the internal hydraulic system and prevents the build up and plating of the metallic salts of water in the resistors, piping or electro-valves throughout the installation Classical ion exchange softeners, in lightly hard water (100ppm and above), deliver water beyond the drinking limits. Their use is restricted to water use (not for watering plants). The system in a central home installation, that requires soil protection, ie a solids filter and has amazing results in hard water, hot water generators (solar, boilers, radiators, washing machines)